FIFA Chief Condemns Violence During Brazil Against Argentina WC Qualifier After Messi Slammed Police For Brutality


The Brazil versus Argentina 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifier turned heads for all the wrong reasons. The crowd turned violent, and things quickly got out of control, causing the match to be interrupted. Because of this, Brazilian police charged and physically assaulted Argentine fans who were fighting in the stands during the playing of their national anthems.

The situation deteriorated rapidly when a fan was ripped off in blood. While some Argentina supporters fled to the ground in search of safety, seats were being torn from the stands and thrown at the police officers. After the crowd unrest, eight persons were later taken into custody by Rio police.

Argentina’s captain, Lionel Messi, responded to the sad event after the match by posting on Instagram, saying, “Great victory in the Maracaná although it will be marked by the repression of the Argentinians once again in Brazil.” Argentina won the match 1-0. This is insane and must stop right away; it cannot be allowed.”

Gianni Infantino, the head of FIFA, has now also denounced the violence that broke out on Wednesday at Rio de Janeiro’s renowned Maracana Stadium.

“Without exception, all players, fans, staff and managers need to be safe and protected to play and enjoy football and I urge the competent authorities to ensure this is respected at all levels,” Infantino said in a statement.

Particularly Messi blasted the Brazilian police for their actions and charged them with brutality. “We saw how they were beating people, so it was bad. The Ballon d’Or 2023 winner said in a pitch-side TV interview that “the police, as it already happened in the Libertadores final, were repressing the people with nightsticks once again; there were players who had families over there.”

Before the game even began, Messi and Rodrygo of Brazil got into a furious argument. Following the victory, the players from Argentina celebrated with the spectators, and the victory lap lasted for almost ten minutes.