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Brooke Shields Says She Had Grand Mal Seizure Before Solo Show

Brooke Shields Says She Had Grand Mal Seizure Before Solo Show

American actress, Brooke Shields has revealed that she had a Grand Mal Seizure one evening before her solo show, “Previously Owned by Brooke Shields” in New York. 

“I had a full-blown grand mal seizure on Thursday before the show. Nobody knows about it,” Shields told Glamour Editor-in-Chief Samantha Barry.

The incident sent the supermodel to the hospital and fellow actor Bradley Cooper ended up accompanying her. 

According to her, she left home and was waiting for an Uber and was drinking water. She said people noticed she appeared to be “looking weird” and asked her if she was OK but she didn’t think anything was wrong. 

When she started walking to a restaurant, she lost consciousness. 

“Everything starts to go black. Then my hands drop to my side and I go headfirst into the wall,” Shields recounted.

Brooke said she experienced multiple seizure symptoms, including frothing at the mouth, trying to swallow her tongue, and turning a blue color.

“The next thing I remember, I’m being loaded into an ambulance. I have oxygen on,” she continued.

“I flooded my system, and I drowned myself. And if you don’t have enough sodium in your blood or urine or your body, you can have a seizure,” Shields said.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a grand mal seizure, also called a tonic-clonic seizure, is a type of major generalized seizure affecting both sides of the brain.

The muscles in the body can stiffen (become tonic) and then the body can start shaking or jerking periodically. 

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