Baltimore Ravens Daniel Wilcox Compares Lamar Jackson To Patrick Mahomes At His Best!


According to Wilcox’s analysis on his Bleav in the Ravens Podcast, Lamar Jackson‘s mental health right now is essential to his performance on the football field. Jackson performs at a level that almost makes him unstoppable when he is confident in himself. His increased self-assurance makes him an extremely powerful player in the NFL.

Wilcox’s comparison of Lamar Jackson to one of the best quarterbacks in the league, Patrick Mahomes, is evidence of Jackson’s extraordinary ability and promise. He says that when Jackson performs at his peak, he is comparable to one of the game’s best quarterbacks, Patrick Mahomes.

Daniel Wilcox’s analysis of Lamar Jackson emphasizes how important mentality and confidence are to a player’s success. Jackson’s exciting future as a dynamic quarterback is highlighted by his ability to perform at the same level as Patrick Mahomes when he is feeling confident.