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Aberdeen Women Endure Record-Breaking SWPL Defeat, Falling 13-0 To Celtic


Aberdeen Women experienced their most substantial defeat in the SWPL, succumbing 13-0 to Celtic at Excelsior Stadium.

This surpassed their previous largest margin of defeat, a 10-1 loss to Glasgow City in March 2022. The comprehensive victory for Celtic saw goals from Colette Cavanagh, Murphy Agnew (3), Paula Partido, Natalie Ross (2), Chloe Craig, Amy Gallacher (3), Clare Goldie, and Caitlin Hayes.

Following the match, Aberdeen manager Clint Lancaster found it challenging to articulate his thoughts, stating, “I don’t really know what to say if I am being totally honest.”

“We didn’t turn up in the slightest, not at all. I don’t know what was wrong with us, but we were way off it and just really, really poor.

“But I come back to the levels and I come back to the squad that I have got. My whole bench is made up of academy (under-18s) players.

“Yes, the performance was poor in the first half. It was shocking, terrible, and nowhere near good enough.

“Celtic did everything we knew they would do, but we were just so far off it. We didn’t get close enough to players.

“I don’t know how we go from winning games 5-2 (against Motherwell) and beating Spartans at home last week to coming down here and losing like that.

“Is it nerves when we have to step up and play these teams? I don’t know what it is.

“We went toe-to-toe with Glasgow City even though we got beat 3-2 and were 1-1 with Rangers for a long spell in that game (finished 5-1), but against Celtic we were just so poor.”

The Aberdeen manager believes that the substantial league defeat highlighted the contrasting levels of experience between his team and Celtic.

Lancaster added: “I want to emphasise the levels. Celtic have senior internationals across their team – I have youth internationals and all the players on the bench are from the under-18s.

“Three of my players on the bench yesterday played 90 minutes for the under-18s.

“I’ve got a 15-year-old (Phoebe Murray) starting in midfield and another 15-year-old on the bench that I didn’t bring on for her debut because how can I bring her on in that game?

“I’m not sure what we’re meant to do.

“They’re young and I don’t want to get away from them playing the way we want to play and playing out from the back.

“They will make mistakes and I encourage it because that’s how we learn. They won’t learn from lobbing the ball forward all the time.

“I want us to play and play with confidence. I want them to learn and deal with those situations better, but we were just nowhere near good enough at doing that today.”

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