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Travis Kelce’s Former Girlfriend Writes ‘Open Letter’ Amid Rumors Of Taylor Swift Romance


The ex-girlfriend of Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is commenting as their relationship transitions from speculated to confirmed.

An on-air sports reporter named Kayla Nicole began dating Kelce in 2017. In a 2023 interview with The Pivot, Kelce disclosed the couple’s separation by stating that he is “in the free market right now.”

“I’m out there just enjoying life, focused on my profession,” he added.

Kelce dispelled allegations that the couple had split up because he hadn’t spent enough money on her at the time.

“Don’t buy into that s—,” he said. “I would never say that I was supporting her. She had a very financially stable life and what she was doing in her career.”

“But you’ve got to be crazy if you’d think I would never helped or gave her a couple thousand to grab some food or she gave me some money to go get some food,” he added.

“We were in a relationship for five years. A hundred dollars here, a hundred dollars there wasn’t even thought about.”

Since it was revealed that Swift and Kelce were dating, Nicole has been the focus of harassment for her previous relationships. Social media users have left comments on her Instagram profile that are offensive to both her race and Kelce’s dating history.

“It’s always been really important for me to use my platform not to create division but to elevate and unite women — Black women, specifically,” she says in the video.

Nicole had already discussed the negative effects of interracial dating. In October 2022, Nicole discussed her experiences with abuse from Black men “lashing out” after she posted a photo of Kelce on the “Relations— with Kamie Crawford” podcast.

In a “open letter” she posted on Instagram on October 9, Nicole now seems to be speaking out against this more recent surge of internet hatred. Nicole stated while speaking over a microphone that her message was for “Black women, specifically.”

Swift or Kelce are never mentioned by the on-air sports journalist in the clip, who instead talks about “backlash,” “embarrassment,” and “falling in love.”

Omission might be intentional, as Nicole also notes that silence can be a response: “You do not have to respond, because there is power in your silence.”

The letter begins as follows: “Dear Black girl: They may call you a traitor for falling in love. You’ll hope the ones closest will protect you. But you’ll quickly find out that people don’t protect what they don’t value.”

The sports journalist then addressed the challenges of being a Black woman, telling her audience they could be seen as “too much, too provocative, too boisterous, too outspoken” and “not successful enough, not wholesome enough, maybe not even intelligent enough.”

“They’ll say you deserve the backlash and embarrassment,” she says. “Because of your Blackness, you should have known better. They’ll even try to tie your value to your net worth. But Black girl, please remember your value lies elsewhere.”

Nicole argues that a person’s “willingness to forgive,” “resilience,” and the way they “love” and “give” are what truly define them.

“But Black girl, respectfully, let me stop you there because you don’t have to participate in this tumultuous, often, one-sided journey,” Nicole says. “Preserve your heart, even when they try to quantify your character and test your boundaries, you do not have to engage. You do not have to respond because there is power in your silence. And you can use that same power to silence the noise and self doubt, silence the voices within that want you to give into this demoralizing and antiquated narrative.”

Nicole then seemed to distance herself from the “narrative” and “one-sided journey.”

Nicole writes in her letter that when “the rage of the world is loud,” you should concentrate on God and “your tribe.”

Nicole is vague in the video, but hints at turmoil: “Even though sometimes I, too, ask, ‘why me?’ I’m reminded that this isn’t just about me … My truth, trauma, and vulnerability is a relatable part of the human experience. I know I’m not alone, and I want to make sure that you know that you’re not either.”

The central theme of Nicole’s music video appears to be discovering your own voice and being able to tell your own narrative.

“When you finally find the strength to speak your truth, it is your voice that will help you,” she says at one point.

“Look, we love, we hurt, we heal, but always remember that your story is yours to tell. And you never know who’s life it may touch because there’s so much power in community and connection,” she later says.

Finally, Nicole suggests that during difficult circumstances, you should rely on “therapy, prayer, and community” and to constantly keep the greater picture in mind.

“Most importantly, I want you to remember that you are loved, you are valued, you are allowed to take up space, you deserve protection and your feelings, they matter too solely because you’re a Black girl,” Nicole concludes.

Prior to dating Nicole, Kelce dated Maya Benberry, who recently revealed on Inside Edition that she had gotten death threats from Swift fans after accusing him of cheating. After meeting on his dating show “Catching Kelce,” Benberry and Kelce dated for eight months, according to what she told Inside Edition.

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