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Travis Kelce Slams NFL’s Taylor Swift Coverage Says It Is Too Much

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Travis Kelce, a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, said on their “New Heights” podcast with their brother Jason that the NFL is covering Taylor Swift a little too much.

In recent weeks, amid relationship rumors, the Grammy-winning pop diva and Kelce have attracted the attention of the media. Although neither of them has explicitly stated that they are dating, Swift has stirred up media attention lately, by going to two Kansas City Chiefs games.

As the NFL broadcast regularly went to Swift in the stands during the Chiefs’ Oct. 1 game against the New York Jets, she was accompanied by prominent friends including Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, Sophie Turner, and more.

“Is the NFL overdoing it?” Jason asked Travis on the podcast. “Take away your feelings for Taylor Swift.”

“I think it’s fun when they show who all is at the game,” Travis answered. “I think it brings a little bit more to the atmosphere, brings a little bit more to what you’re watching. But at the same time, they’re overdoing it a little bit for sure… especially my situation. I think they’re trying to have fun with it.”

Celebrities who attend football games, according to Travis, “aren’t there to be thrown on the TV.”

“The NFL is not used to celebrities coming to the games,” Jason added. “Basketball has it figured out… [celebrities are] court side, they show them once or twice and then they get back to the game. The NFL is like, ‘Look at all these A-list celebrities at the game! Show them! Show them!’ Dude, show them once and get a little clip, but you can’t be overboard with it.”

In reaction to the podcast, the NFL via People Magazine issued a statement justifying their extensive coverage of Swift. According to the statement, “We regularly change our bios and profile imagery based on what’s happening in and around our games, as well as culturally.” “We’ve leaned into the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce news in real time because it’s a sport-entertainment intersection, and we’ve seen an incredible amount of positivity around the sport.”

The NFL then reiterated its position, claiming that even though Swift has made an appearance in some of the programming, “the vast majority of our content has remained focused on the game, our players and variety of other initiatives, including our Toy Story Funday Football alt-cast, the international games and more.”

During the Chiefs-Jets game, Variety noted that much of the early coverage highlighted Swift’s participation, including the game announcers greeting Swifties to the game. Carson Daly, the “The Voice” presenter, also unveiled a video package designed to educate Swift fans to the NFL game and provide background information on Kelce. There were many puns in it that were based on the titles of her songs, and the music was “Welcome to New York.”

Swift was seen hugging people in the immediate vicinity after the Chiefs scored their first touchdown.

The Chiefs’ next game is on October 8 against the Minnesota Vikings. Will Swift be seated in the stands?

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