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Steve Kerr Discusses How He Got Gregg Popovich To Always Pay For His Dinners


Making the most out of a given circumstance is a quality shared by all successful NBA coaches. Steve Kerr, the head coach of the Golden State Warriors, has demonstrated these skills both inside and beyond the gym. His ability to adjust to different basketball scenarios also showed in his personal life, as he learned to follow Pop’s eating regulations and received complimentary meals from the head coach of the San Antonio Spurs.

Kerr revealed that Popovich has a rule against dining at restaurants that applies to all players, past and present. Over the years, he and his partner Danny Ferry have taken advantage of this provision.

“He [Gregg Popovich] has a rule with his team — if you end up in the same restaurant as Pop, then he automatically picks up the tab,” Kerr explained. “So Danny Ferry and I used to go to the concierge to find out where Pop was eating. So you’d just sneak in, ‘Oh hey-oh Pop-how you doing? — hey waiter here’s the bill’. So the rule still applies for former players too, so I’m not even allowed, not even if I wanted to — I wouldn’t be allowed to pick it up.”

It would be fascinating to learn Popovich’s opinions. He is likely aware, though, that Kerr and a few other players also use this tactic. That probably doesn’t upset him because it’s just a method to strengthen your bond with your athletes and give something back. This could be among Popovich’s greatest secrets.

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