Simone Biles Says Winning Her 20th World Title Feels ‘Different’ But ‘Exciting’


Simone Biles, an American who has made a strong comeback to the sport, says she feels “just as good as the first one” after winning her 20th gold medal at a global championship.

At the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships on Wednesday in Antwerp, Belgium, Biles was a crucial part of the US women’s team’s historic victory.

The US won the women’s team discipline’s global championship for the seventh time in a row thanks to her amazing floor routine.

Exactly 10 years ago, in 2013, Biles won her first global championship at the same location.

“I think each and every time you are crowned world champion, it feels a little bit different,” Biles told Heath Thorpe, via Gymnastics Now, after clinching her latest gold medal.

“I mean I’m still surprised that I’m still going. I’m 26, I’m a little bit older, so it feels just as good as the first one. Just because we broke records, we came together, we had fight. It’s different, but it’s exciting.”