Ryan Fitzpatrick Promises To Go Topless On TNF Set If Bills’ Josh Allen Does This Against Buccaneers


At a Buffalo Bills game at Highmark Stadium, Ryan Fitzpatrick went shirtless once, and he’s eager to do it again.

Fitzpatrick won’t be among the Bills Mafia gang this time, though. He’ll be at the Thursday Night Football set on Amazon.com.

Fitzpatrick discussed what he hoped to see from Josh Allen in primetime on Thursday night with the hosts of the QB Room podcast, which also featured Josh Allen’s trainer Jordan Palmer and Bills backup quarterback Kyle Allen.

“He doesn’t have to hurdle anybody,” Fitzpatrick said. “He doesn’t have to run over anybody, but I want to see him fired up on the sideline. I don’t want to see him just sitting there, even after a good play. He’s just become a little too calm for me and calm is like not Josh. That’s not where he needs to be. Just get the guy fired up a little bit.”

Fitzmagic, the quarterback, initially stated that Allen didn’t have to run anyone over, but he then told the hosts he would be happy to strip off if Allen did so when playing against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a team Fitzpatrick had previously played for.

“I would love to see him run somebody over and give a first down signal,” Fitzpatrick told the QB Room podcast. “And chest bump a lineman and just see the Bills fans go crazy and I will take my shirt off on set. That’s what gets me juiced up. If there’s a hurdle and a run over with a touchdown or a big first down sign where he skips into it, like that’s something that’s going to get me going. Buffalo needs it. Buffalo needs this, Kyle (Allen).”

Before tomorrow night’s game, Kyle Allen assured Josh that he would relay the information.

The full exchange is shown below.

The Buffalo (4-3) Mafia will undoubtedly be watching to see if the team can rebound on Thursday Night Football and if Allen can convince Fitzpatrick to strip off in front of the crowd at Highmark Stadium.