Police Arrest Intruder At Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Home Twice In One Day

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to Run As An Independent Candidate In 2024 Elections

On Wednesday, a man entered Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s California house twice as a presidential candidate.

The man was found on the second story of the house by Kennedy’s hired private security company, Gavin de Becker & Associates, who held him there until the Los Angeles police arrived. Allegedly, the man requested to see Kennedy. After giving him a trespassing citation, the police let him go.

The man, later identified as 28-year-old Jonathan Macht, “immediately returned to Kennedy’s residence” after that, according to GDBA, and was then taken into custody. This time, the Los Angeles Police Department said, he was accused of breaking an emergency protection order. Kennedy was at home for both incursions.

“GDBA had notified the Secret Service about this specific obsessed individual several times in recent months and shared alarming communications he has sent to the candidate,” Kennedy’s campaign wrote in a statement. “Over several months, the campaign submitted formal requests for Secret Service protection, yet U.S. Department of Homeland Security Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas has refused to approve the protection.

Every presidential administration for 55 years has afforded early protection to candidates who requested it. The Biden administration is the sole outlier.”

Even though the 2024 election is still more than a year away, the GDBA pointed out in its third request to the Homeland Security Department on Wednesday that RFK Jr.’s cousin Edward Kennedy was protected by the Secret Service 441 days before the 1980 election. Edward Kennedy had not declared his candidacy for president at the time he was given security.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson was also granted protection by the Secret Service three years later, about 362 days in advance of the 1984 presidential election and again in front of the 1988 election. Those who were shielded from harm include Pat Robertson, John Kerry, and Bill Clinton.

In July, GDBA’s prior request on RFK Jr.’s behalf was turned down.

GDBA will continue to be RFK Jr.’s security detail in the interim. This was the first time the 2024 candidate mentioned the organization by name. In addition to offering security, they have contributed $4.5 million to a Super PAC that supports Kennedy. Macht is still being held by the police on a $30,000 bond.