LA Clippers Star Paul George Discusses Beef With Devin Booker

LA Clippers star Paul George has discussed his beef with Phoenix Suns star Devin after several tense moments over the last few years.

Most of the confrontations have been on the court, but things got off the court quickly, Booker called out George for a question he asked Klay Thompson during Podcast P. 

Booker felt that George was trying hard to make Thompson say something bad about him. And George surely responded. 

Sitting down with Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report, George addressed this beef, saying, “I don’t know where it took the turn. Things got heated when we played Phoenix. Conversations sparked, and it came from that end. Again, this goes down to a respect line. Me and Devin have always been good, he was a little bro when he came into the league. 

“Then all of a sudden the temperature changed to where now it was a line that was – you know, stepped over the line. So now it is what it is at this point.”