Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips Launches Presidential Primary Campaign Against President Biden


In an attempt to unseat President Joe Biden, Minnesota Representative Dean Phillips officially began his presidential campaign on Friday by registering to compete in the Democratic primary in New Hampshire.

Outside the New Hampshire State House in Concord, in front of a small group of admirers, employees, and interested onlookers, Phillips restated his demand for a new generation of Democratic leaders.

“I am running for the Democratic nomination for president of the United States because, my friends, it is time for a change,” the third-term congressman said. “And I am ready to lead our great nation to a secure and a more prosperous future.”

In a previous interview conducted in Concord on his campaign bus, Phillips expressed his fear that the incumbent, whom he referred to as a “terrific president,” would lose a general election rematch against former President Donald Trump, which is why he felt driven to oppose Biden.

According to the congressman, he made an effort to persuade additional Democratic contenders to enter the race and to support Biden in passing the baton. When those efforts failed, he got into the race himself.

“This was not about me,” Phillips told CNN. “But my inability to attract other candidates, to inspire the president to recognize that it is time, compels me to serve my country because it appears that President Joe Biden is going to lose the next election.”

Phillips has been arguing for months that the president’s age and low approval ratings would make him a weak general election candidate. Phillips just resigned from his post as House Democratic leadership owing to internal party dissatisfaction about his suggestions for a Biden alternative.

But as he launches his campaign, Democrats are attempting to coalesce around Biden, repel independent contenders who aim to damage the party’s chances, and highlight the administration’s achievements to the public. Talk of Phillips running has been characterized by Biden friends as a diversion that would simply draw attention to the president’s shortcomings.

Phillips and his group have stated unequivocally that they intend to present Biden with a significant challenge that extends beyond New Hampshire. Speaking with reporters in Concord on Friday morning, Phillips declared that running for office merely to increase his national profile would be “foolish.”

“If someone wanted to get their name ID out there, why would they do this and take the arrows and the mean-spiritedness and the aggression and the sacrifice that this requires?” he said.

The congressman intends to have more than 119 town halls in the early voting Democratic primary states of New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Michigan, according to Steve Schmidt, a former Republican operative who is currently providing campaign advice to Phillips. Schmidt made this announcement to reporters on Friday.

“If you want to be the Democratic nominee, the first thing you have to do is win the first race,” Schmidt said Friday. Schmidt, who left the GOP in 2018, previously worked on the presidential campaigns of former President George W. Bush and late Sen. John McCain.