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DK Metcalf To Transit Into Acting Afternoon Football Career


DK Metcalf, a wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks, has been pursuing interests outside of sports. The 25-year-old NFL player explains to PEOPLE how he has been exercising his creative side lately.

“I’m trying to transition into acting or the movie space when I get done to try to make a name for myself there,” Metcalf says. “In my free time, if I’m not playing video games or talking to my family, I try to come up with movie ideas or TV ideas.” He then adds that some of his original ideas include “creative inventions” outside of film and television.

As he and the Seahawks enjoy a 3-1 start to the 2023 NFL season, Metcalf says that he is “pretty much in the entrepreneur space right now.”

In particular, “doll movies are something I look forward to,” he says, citing Annabelle, Dead Silence, and The Conjuring as his favorites in the horror genre.

Despite his love of movies and television, Metcalf claims he isn’t interested in taking part in any unscripted ventures while he plays football, such as Netflix’s Quarterback series or HBO’s Hard Knocks.

“I don’t think I would participate in something like that because when I’m done with football, I want to be completely done with it,” he explains. “I don’t want to be known as ‘the football player’ when I get done playing football.”

The new collaboration Metcalf has with Lululemon is one project he was eager to lend his voice to. The NFL great will appear in Lululemon’s “Get Into It” campaign, which highlights the company’s well-known ABC Pants, as the company’s newest brand ambassador.

Because “you don’t hear them working with a lot of NFL athletes, so that was the reason number one,” Metcalf says he was initially drawn to the brand. “And then just digging deeper into the brand, I think we’re both one of a kind,” the customer said. “They have a unique style to go along with my style.”

The wide receiver described his own personal style as “disruptive,” adding that he likes “to go outside of the box and not do stuff of the normal, manly generation, as some would say.” The “bright colors” and “different types of animal prints” in his clothes, according to Metcalf, are representative of his personal style.

During the NFL season, Metcalf invites few distractions into his life and spends practically all of his time at his house or the Seahawks’ facility. “When I get home from work, I spend pretty much the entire time inside. After work, I’m fairly weary, so I try not to leave my house too often,” he says.

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