Crocs Kicks Off Croctober With Classic Cowboy Boots


One of the most controversial shoe companies in the world, Crocs has recently unveiled a brand-new design that will have you crocodile rocking the dance floor.

Love-it-or-hate-it clogs and legendary partnerships with businesses like Taco Bell and KFC are what make Crocs famous. The company is now providing its consumers with cowboy boots, which they have ostensibly been requesting forever.

The Crocs Classic Cowboy Boot, the company’s newest invention, was launched on October 5 and, we’re not gonna lie, the shoes are quite rad.

According to a press release, the Crocs Classic Cowboy Boot boasts “bold western-inspired stitching” and is “one of the most frequently requested Crocs shoe designs in brand history.” It is even embellished with spinning spur charms and metallic Jibbitz charms.

Ventilation holes and a cowboy hat-shaped Crocs logo are additional noteworthy details.