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Bad Bunny Debuts New Album At Massive Listening Party In Puerto Rico


Can 16,000 people make an album listening party feel cozy? Special? Obviously, sure. That was accomplished by Bad Bunny on Thursday, October 12, when he unveiled his brand-new album, Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Maana.

The event’s schedule was a surprise when it was first announced, but it was held at San Juan’s renowned Coliseo de Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot (also known as El Choli). Will Bad Bunny appear? Or would listeners just play the album in its entirety without him? None were aware. Nevertheless, it took just two hours for all of the tickets to be gone.

The concertgoers had varying expectations, and many of them looked like Renaissance figures in their cowboy hats, boots, and glittering fringe tops and skirts. (Of course, the blue L.A. Dodgers hat that has become Bad Bunny’s new trademark was also seen among the crowd.) Some listeners were just delighted to hear the music with their friends and in top-notch quality. Others, however, wished for more.

Cruz didn’t receive her desire for him to appear on a horse, but Bad Bunny did appear—and in a very impressive way. A modified vintage Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, the same vehicle used in the music video for “Where She Goes” and during his performance at the 2023 Billboard Latin Music Awards, was gently dropped from the roof and placed in the middle of the arena floor, surrounded by screaming fans. Fans yelled. Bad Bunny was behind the wheel.

Around a dozen dancers surrounded the automobile below; they were all dressed in black and had balaclava-like coverings over their eyes to give them an extraterrestrial appearance. The identical outfit was worn by Bad Bunny, who had a checkered scarf covering his head.

Tracks from the album began playing in the sequence of release, starting with “Nadie Sabe.” El Conejo gave a subtle nod in tune with the song’s reflective lyrics as he considered his course in life. He began writing songs when he was a young kid and has since released a ton of EPs and singles. He is now approaching 30 years old.

In the song, Bad Bunny appears to be struggling with his rising fame and the loneliness it ostensibly entails.

The tone for the evening was set by that first number. This is how Bad Bunny made thousands of people feel close to him, despite the fact that he was driving a fancy car that 99% of his followers could never afford, some 20 feet above them. Throughout “Nadie Sabe” and the rest of the performance, there were times when he appeared to be looking to the audience and actually searching for specific faces in an effort to elicit comment or approbation.

Bad Bunny expressed his gratitude for the positive responses from the fans with prayer hands and a sincere head bend.

With trap-heavy tunes (he gave the crowds what they wanted) and perreo-ready jams, the enthusiasm increased during the course of the evening. An unexpected number, though, was the leisurely paced “VOU 787,” which samples the hazy synth accompaniment from Madonna’s “Vogue.”

A few album attendees who made their way to the top of a large VIP area covered in hay in one of the venue’s corners helped Bad Bunny. Young Miko, Feid, Bryant Meyers, Arcángel, and Tainy were present. About fifty extra-special visitors danced and stood atop the Western-style structure.

After a few songs, Bad Bunny took off the disguise and started to dance outside the automobile. The car was lowering gradually when he finally jumped off the platform and entered the mob. People had lined up in advance of the concert for hours to buy his distinctive sneakers, which he signed. Bad Bunny gave a burgundy lip gloss to a concertgoer who didn’t appear to have a marker handy, and he used it to decorate the top of the shoe.

After that, Bad Bunny entered the VIP area. He greeted everyone in its six rows without hurry. However, Bad Bunny managed to keep up a certain rhythm to his rounds, arriving at a few collaborators just as their tracks started to play. He sang alongside Feid for Arcángel’s “Acho PR” and his feature “Perro Negro,” much to the delight of the audience.

The final tune on Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Maana, “Un Preview,” was previously published and served as the evening’s capstone. As the name implies, “Un Preview” was released late in September as an album teaser. But Bad Bunny wasn’t done shocking the crowd; he also gave the song a live performance.

From the VIP section, Bad Bunny sang while his associates and friends cheered him on. However, he moved down the makeshift haystack to get closer to the cheering crowd, who danced and sang the song’s lyrics back to him. Benito slapped his fist to his chest and cried, “Puerto Rico, los quiero, pueta,” as blasts of fog erupted all around him.

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