A New ‘Dragon Ball’ Anime Series Has Been Announced By Toei Animation


Toei Animation has announced a new anime series called Dragon Ball Daima that will heavily feature the series’ creator, Akira Toriyama, in honor of the original Dragon Ball manga’s 40th anniversary the following year.

The newest Daima anime series teaser trailer (displayed below) features younger iterations of the characters. However, this is not intended to be a rehash of the first Dragon Ball anime; rather, it is a brand-new narrative.

The unique aspect of this situation is that Akira Toriyama is more involved than ever in this new anime series. This is certainly significant, if only because it refers to something Kazuhiko Torishima, Toriyama’s former editor, remarked when I spoke with him.

As young Goku grew stronger, it became more difficult for Toriyama to write the bouts against bigger, older opponents in a way that made sense. This was one of the difficulties Toriyama had in the original Dragon Ball manga.

The anime adaptation, which Torishima felt fell short in capturing the action of the manga, eventually made this worse.

Therefore, the reintroduction of younger protagonists would only be effective if someone like Toriyama had a tight hold on the production, which it would seem he possesses.

Dragon Ball Daima, which will be released the following year, has a lot to live up to, but given the popularity of Dragon Ball Super and the subsequent films, this new series may end up being really exceptional.