49ers QB, Brock Purdy makes nearly $1 million A Year, But Splits Rent

San Francisco 49ers starting QB Brock Purdy reportedly makes nearly $1 million per year but splits rent with his roommate, while most players live lavish lifestyles. 

According to him, he drives a Toyota Sequoia SUV. His life off the field is “pretty simple,” Purdy said.

Brock was the final pick of the 2022 NFL Draft, giving him a salary of $870,000 this year. He is currently playing on his rookie contract. 

Living in San Francisco city is a big deal because it has the third-highest cost of living in the U.S

A one-bedroom apartment or condo’s median monthly rent in San Francisco is $2,993 — 137% higher than the national median — according to Zillow data.

Many other US athletes have also tried to save and cut costs because, according to them, you don’t know how long your time in the game will last. 

National Basketball Association star Kawhi Leonard told Sports Illustrated in 2016 that he still drove his 20-year-old SUV from high school, despite earning more than 16 million dollars playing for the San Antonio Spurs that year.

Retired NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski also saved roughly $70.63 million from his gameday salaries, only living off endorsement paychecks when he was still playing. 

“The whole point of saving throughout my NFL career was to be set for after football because you don’t know how long football will last,” Gronkowski told CNBC Make It in 2020.

After his rookie contract, Pursy would be eligible for a raise. 

Starting quarterbacks on non-rookie contracts currently make an average of $38.06 million per year, according to a Make It analysis of Over the Cap data.