Video: Biden Walks Out Of Larry Taylor’s Medal of Honor Ceremony

Video: Biden Walks Out Of Larry Taylor's Medal of Honor Ceremony

President Biden created an awkward moment on Tuesday when he abruptly walked out of the Medal of Honor ceremony for Capt. Larry Taylor.

Biden was heavily criticized after he suddenly left the Medal of Honor ceremony before the benediction prayer was said.

The act was seen by many as disrespectful to both Larry Taylor, who stood bewildered, his family, and the US military.

The reason has been given for the president’s actions, though it was speculated that he might have needed to use the restroom as the issue of his old age ignited once more.

Video below:

Capt. Larry Taylor who was an army pilot, got the highest military honor in the United States for his feat during the Vietnam War when he few into heavy enemy fire to save four members of a reconnaissance team from almost certain death as they were about to be overrun.

The event happened on the night of June 18, 1968, when then-1st Lt. Taylor flew his Cobra attack helicopter to rescue the men after they had become surrounded by the enemy.

The feat was recalled by David Hill, one of the four Taylor saved that night.

According to him, they were on a night mission to track the movement of enemy troops in a village near the Saigon River when they were discovered by North Vietnamese and Viet Cong troops. An intense firefight ensued that saw them running out of ammunition, and radio for help.

Taylor arrived in minutes at the site northeast of what is now Ho Chi Minh City. He requested the team to send up flares to mark their location in the dark. Taylor and a pilot in an accompanying helicopter started firing their ships’ Miniguns and rockets at the enemy, making low-level attack runs and braving intense ground fire for about a half-hour.

However, Taylor soon dawned on him that the team could not make it to the intended escape route to a point near the river, with both helicopters nearly out of ammunition and the enemy continuing to advance.

According to David Hill, who referred to Larry Taylor’s quickly hatched plan as thinking out of the box, Taylor directed his wingman to fire left in his Minigun along the team’s eastern flank and return to base camp, while he himself, fired his remaining rounds on the western flank.

He then used the landing lights to distract the enemy, buying time for the patrol team to head south and east toward a new extraction point he had identified.

Taylor landed under heavy enemy fire and took off about 10 seconds later after the four team members rushed toward the helicopter and clung to the exterior — it only had two seats.