Uncommon Video Of Ghostly Dumbo Octopus In The Deep Sea


Graceful. Adorable. Ghostly. Beautiful. These descriptions all apply to the dumbo octopus, an uncommon deep-sea creature that has won the admiration and admiration of ocean lovers. A dumbo octopus taking a leisurely swim was captured in a breathtaking video by the Exploration Vessel Nautilus. To see it is captivating.

The little octopus’s Disney-inspired moniker comes from a set of fins that resemble the elephant protagonist of the beloved Disney film Dumbo’s ears. The multi-armed creature was captured by Nautilus using a remotely operated vehicle that could search the ocean floor. View the video here:

The nameless seamount is located in Hawaii’s Papahnaumokukea Marine National Monument, which has been dubbed the country’s largest contiguous totally protected conservation area, and is 5,518 feet (1,682 meters) deep. The Pacific Ocean’s 582,578 square miles (1,508,870 square kilometers) northwest of the Hawaiian Islands are covered by the monument. All of the US’s national parks could fit within if you combined them.

The month-long Ala ‘Aumoana Kai Uli expedition by the charity Ocean Exploration Trust’s Nautilus, which explored previously unexplored deep-sea regions in the national monument, has come to a conclusion. In order to collect information on the region’s geologic history, biodiversity, and cultural resources, including World War II shipwrecks, the expedition featured seafloor mapping activities and remotely operated vehicle dives.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Ocean Exploration program is responsible for funding the project.

Hearing the enthusiastic comments from scientists who are watching the footage in real-time is one of the greatest pleasures of watching EV Nautilus movies. There are cries of “Oh!” from several voices as the octopus appears. Some admirable remarks include “Ohh, the flappy ears!” and “It’s so graceful.” After having previously seen a dead octopus being eaten, the crew was extremely happy to witness the healthy one.

The presence of the cartoon-like octopus gives the deep a more welcoming appearance. The deep is sometimes perceived as a dangerous place. It’s a wonderful planet.