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Pilot Reportedly Dies In A Plane Crash During Gender Reveal Party In Mexico


After the plane he was piloting crashed on Sunday while taking part in a gender reveal party in Mexico, the pilot perished.

A video that has been released online captured the plane passing over a couple waiting in front of a sign that reads “Oh baby,” surrounded by pink and blue balloons while spewing pink smoke.

As the plane flies away from the crowd below, the left wing of the aircraft appears to split from the fuselage in the video.

The pilot passed away in the hospital after the collision, according to Navolato, Sinaloa state, authorities who spoke to CNN en Espanol, CNN’s sister network.

According to Alan Francisco Rangel of the Sinaloa Red Cross, paramedics treated the pilot at the scene of the crash in San Pedro, Navolato, before transferring him to a nearby hospital, where he passed away.

The name of the pilot was not made public by the authorities, and it remains unclear what caused the incident.

There have been no other injuries associated with the incident.

In order to inform relatives and friends whether they were about to give birth to a girl or a boy, gender reveal parties were created.

Some pregnant parents have chosen dangerous and expensive gender reveals in place of traditional low-key events like cutting a cake with colorful frosting or perhaps lighting off some fireworks.

Guests were instructed to shoot at an improvised target with the words “Boy” and “Girl” written on it during a 2017 reveal in Arizona.

When the target, which was filled with the extremely explosive Tannerite, exploded, a blue cloud rose into the air and immediately set the nearby brush on fire.

It was a boy, and after starting a 47,000-acre wildfire, the party ended up costing the negligent partygoers more than $8 million in reparations.

A gender reveal celebration in Iowa in October 2019 went sour when the family mistakenly constructed a pipe bomb. A grandma who was nearby was killed when shrapnel from the pipe explosion caused by the device’s activation hit her.

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