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Paul Staehle From ‘90 Day Fiancé’ Missing For Second Time In A Year


The family of “90 Day Fiancé” actor Paul Staehle is concerned that he may have suffered a horrific accident while touring Brazil.

According to Staehle’s mother, Edna Staehle, the reality star texted their family on Thursday morning and hasn’t been heard from since.

Edna claimed that Paul, 40, had sent her a message requesting assistance because he had been lost and providing contact details for those who might be able to help.

Paul requested his mother to get in touch with a number of people, including Izabele Medeiros, who later posted a statement on Instagram that was translated from Portuguese to English.

“Hello everyone I can’t give much information because we don’t have anything concrete to tell we are looking to find out where Paul is,” she began, adding that they have to “wait a certain amount of time” before contacting police.

“This is not a joke,” she continued. “I was lost until messages arrived telling me everything.”

With Edna’s consent, celebrity blogger John Yates published screenshots of Paul’s texts, in which he is allegedly seen stating that he “f-ked up.”

A boat was also needed, he said, and his phone was going to die, which would mean he would lose GPS.

Additionally, Yates tweeted on Friday afternoon that he had spoken with Karine Martins, Paul’s wife, who had informed him that police would be engaged.

On Thursday, Martins, 27, shared an emotional Reel of photos featuring Paul and their children with a caption cryptically written in the past tense: “? Not all of our memories were bad. Our children loved you very much. We will never forgot you or the good memories we all shared.”

She added on her Story, “Paul went missing last night in Brazil. Prayers he is found safe.”

Paul and his son Pierre, who was 3 years old at the time, traveled back to Kentucky last summer after a police bulletin reported that they were missing.

In order to hand over Pierre, whom he and Martins had been denied custody of after their abusive relationship came to light, the TLC celebrity met up with his parents at a park.

He claimed to have given Pierre to Edna and his father at the time in order to avoid having to “deal with the drama” of Child Protective Services, according to TMZ at the time.

The report of the missing person was then closed.

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