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Innovative Games and Activities for Fun Parties

A survey of 2,000 people in America shows that 42% are less friendly than in 2019; with the dropping rate of sociability, parties become awkward and boring.

So, to host a fun and memorable party for adults, you must have creative and innovative games and activities. 

The reason? 

They can be great icebreakers!

So, here are some of the best party games you should consider…

1. What’s In The Bag

“What’s In The Bag” is a simple yet entertaining game that relies on the sense of touch and encourages creative thinking. Gather a variety of small objects or items with different textures and shapes.

These could include everyday items like a keychain, a rubber ball, a sponge, a feather, a plastic fork, a toy car, etc. 

Place these objects inside the bag. Participants will take turns reaching into the bag, feeling one object without looking, and then guessing what it is based solely on touch. 

2. Musical Chairs

Musical chairs is a classic party game that’s simple to play and always a lot of fun. Arrange the chairs in a circle and the seats outward. Make sure there is one less chair than the number of players. For example, if you have 10 players, set up 9 chairs.

Everyone has to walk or dance around the circle of chairs when the music plays. Then, sit down quickly when the music stops. 

Only one person can occupy each chair. The player standing without a chair is “out” for that round. After each round, remove one chair from the circle until only one person remains seated and is declared the winner.

3. Freeze Dance

Freeze Dance is a fantastic game for parties. This game can also enhance your guests. People who excel in freeze dance have good coordination and motor skills.

Choose someone to be the DJ or take turns with different participants selecting and playing the music. Everyone has to dance and move around the dance floor when the music plays.

When the DJ stops the music, everyone must freeze in their current position and hold that pose until the music starts again. 

The goal is to stay as still as possible when the music stops. Any movement, no matter how small, can result in being “out” for that round. 

4. Don’t Say Yes

“Don’t Say Yes” is a fun and challenging word game where participants must avoid saying the word “yes” or any variations of it during a conversation. The goal is to trick others into saying “yes” while trying not to fall into the trap yourself. 

Select a topic, scenario, or a series of questions that participants will discuss during the game.

This could be anything from discussing a recent movie to favorite foods. If a participant accidentally says “yes” or any forbidden variation, put on any funny accessories on them. Wait till the end to see who looks the funniest.

5. Straight Face

You’ll need index cards or small pieces of paper, markers or pens, and a container to hold the cards. 

Let the player write something on the paper. These statements can be humorous, nonsensical, or embarrassing, but they should be challenging to say without laughing. 

Toss the paper into the container. Ask the player to pick the chits one by one. 

The first player will begin by reading the statement on their card out loud, and the group will try their best to maintain a straight face. 

The rest of the players will listen and watch for any signs of amusement, such as laughter or a smile. If a player notices another smiling or laughing, they should call them out. 

6. Telestrations

Telestrations is a hilarious drawing and guessing perfect game. It’s essentially a visual version of the classic “Telephone” game. 

Give each player a drawing booklet and a marker. Each player has to draw something on the drawing booklet and then pass it to the next player. The other player must guess what the drawing represents based on the picture. 

Continue passing and alternating between drawing and guessing until the booklets return to their original owners. 

At the end of the round, players show their booklets and share the progression of drawings and guesses. 

7. Strip Poker

If you’ve played poker earlier, this will be easy for you. There are no different rules in the game. It’s completely original poker, but the twist is when you lose chips, you have to remove one of your clothes and buy more chips with that. 

To make this even more fun, hire escorts from Adelaide and have fun with your friends, making the game naughtier.​


Planning creative icebreakers, games, and activities for parties can elevate the fun and entertainment factor, making your event unforgettable.  

Customize these activities to your party’s theme and guests’ preferences to ensure a fantastic time for everyone involved. 

Don’t hesitate to seek advice on which games they’d like to play. This can help you create endless memories and a great time for all your guests.

Enjoy your party planning, and have a blast!

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