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What Lions Are Getting In QB Teddy Bridgewater


Alain Poupart, who covers the Miami Dolphins for All Dolphins, responded to five inquiries about Teddy Bridgewater, the quarterback the Detroit Lions are acquiring.

  1. What do the Lions receive in Teddy Bridgewater as a quarterback?

Poupart There aren’t many backup quarterbacks in the NFL with greater credentials than Bridgewater, who has a ton of starting experience. Bridgewater has experience, won’t be intimidated by any circumstance, and might even start for certain teams in the league. In other words, it’s a really high-end backup and, to be perfectly honest, an improvement over Nate Sudfeld.

  1. What advantages do you see for him living in Detroit?

The ability to play behind one of the NFL’s top offensive lines is the first way Bridgewater will profit from the Lions’ scenario, as would any quarterback.

  1. What are his main advantages and disadvantages?

Poupart: Bridgewater’s expertise and ability to handle challenging situations are his greatest assets. Bridgewater possesses above-average accuracy and some scrambling skills, while he isn’t particularly quick. The absence of a powerful arm, which will restrict the types of throws he can make frequently, is certainly the largest limitation.

4.) Do you believe Bridgewater can captain the ship without too much of a decline if Jared Goff does suffer an injury?

Poupart: I repeatedly stated during the 2017–18 season that Teddy Bridgewater would be a far superior quarterback for the Dolphins than Tua Tagovailoa. Bridgewater, though, was unable to maintain his health and had to leave both of his starts before they had even begun. But in a game against Minnesota in October, he did pass for 329 yards in less than three quarters after replacing rookie Skylar Thompson. The concussion spotter had removed Bridgewater from a game against the Jets after only one play the previous week.

So, yes, I believe the Lions’ offense would be able to run if Bridgewater were to replace Goff, but there would likely be a decrease in the frequency of downfield passes. The Lions would then have to hold their breath in the hopes that Bridgewater stays healthy.

  1. What is a fact about Bridgewater that many people might not be aware of?

Poupart: I don’t know what people know about Bridgewater, so it’s difficult for me to respond. What I would say is that some people criticized him for seeming uninterested last year, but I would argue that he’s just a really laid-back type of person.

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