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Tory Lanez Expected To Be Sentenced For Shooting, Wounding Megan Thee Stallion


Rapper Tory Lanez, who was convicted of a crime for shooting hip-hop icon Megan Thee Stallion in the feet, may receive a lengthy jail sentence during his scheduled sentencing on Monday.

The 31-year-old Lanez, whose real name is Daystar Peterson, is being sentenced to 13 years in prison, according to Los Angeles prosecutors.

In addition to the offenses for which he was found guilty, they claimed in a sentencing memorandum, Lanez had re-traumatized Megan with his social media posts about the case, giving many of his more than 2 million followers a license to attack her.

On Monday, Megan might show up in court to make a victim impact statement or have one read for her.

In their own sentencing document, Lanez’s attorneys argued that he should receive merely probation and be let out of custody so that he can enroll in a residential drug rehabilitation program.

They claim that the evidence used to support his conviction was “questionable at best” and that his lack of remorse should not, therefore, be taken into consideration when determining his sentence. According to the report, alcohol abuse and early trauma would be contributing causes if the charges were accurate.

Since a Los Angeles jury found Lanez guilty of three crimes in December, including assault with a semiautomatic weapon, having a loaded, unregistered firearm in a vehicle, and negligently firing a firearm, he has been imprisoned.

When Lanez’s father leaped up in the audience to criticize the “wicked system” that convicted his son, the reading of the verdict descended into a dramatic and chaotic spectacle. While other Lanez fans yelled about how unfair the situation was, deputies dragged the man out of the courtroom. The trial will take place on a lower security floor than the sentence.

Megan stated at the trial that Lanez had yelled for her to dance as she walked away from an SUV in which they had been traveling in the summer of 2020 and had shot the gun at the back of her feet. They had just left Kylie Jenner’s Hollywood Hills house party.

On May 9, Lanez’s defense team requested a new trial, but Superior Court Judge David Herriford refused their request. Lanez will now be sentenced.

A post from Lanez’s Instagram account was unlawfully entered into evidence, according to his attorneys. They said that Megan’s account of Lanez pleading with her not to contact the police because he was on parole and would face severe consequences was inaccurate and improperly excused previous bad behavior. Additionally, they said that the DNA evidence that the prosecution utilized to support its claim that Lanez was the gunman was woefully deficient.

“I might be your child. The day before the judge decided that removing the contested evidence wouldn’t have made a difference, Lanez begged Herriford, “I could be your brother,” as he was being carried from the courthouse.

His attorneys intend to challenge the judgment.

In 2009, Lanez started putting out mixtapes. As his reputation grew, he transitioned to major-label albums. At the time of the shooting, Megan Thee Stallion, now 28 years old, was already a significant emerging star. Since then, her notoriety has grown significantly. She was awarded the Grammy in 2021 for best new artist and had No. 1 songs with “Savage,” which included BeyoncĂ©, and as a guest with Cardi B on “WAP.”

Conversations regarding misogynoir, a particular type of misogyny suffered by Black women, were sparked by the accusations and subsequent charges brought against Lanez. This misinformation and online animosity were directed towards the artist born Megan Pete.

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