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Jon Batiste Regards Himself As A ‘Top To Bottom Albums Artist’


Jon Batiste spoke with Billboard News to demonstrate his commitment to being an album artist. In the most recent episode of the show, the Grammy Award winner sat down with Billboard to talk about his newest endeavor, World Music Radio, and to reveal his strategy for success in light of being a widely acclaimed musician.

Speaking of World Music Radio, which came out on Friday, August 18, Batiste said he collaborated with producer Jon Bellion on the album, allowing numerous unintended themes to creep in.

“Water is a theme in the album. There’s many different themes that recur, and we didn’t even really realize when we were making it, some of the themes were subliminal,” the five-time Grammy winner told Carl Lamarre, Billboard‘s deputy director of R&B/hip-hop.

“I was working with the great Jon Bellion…he had this thing for his son for in terms in living life and the world’s crazy and just the idea of self care, being in the world living your life, sometimes you just gotta take pause. And relating that to my life and the thing we’ve been trough and all the stuff we’re trying to create in this album is a mantra.”

It could seem difficult to produce new music after the popularity of his 2021 album WE ARE, which brought him four of his five Grammy awards. However, Batiste said that the awards have no bearing on how he composes songs.

“I really make bodies of work. The singles are crazy, that’s important, but I’m a top to bottom album artist. I create bodies of work and I create worlds that you immerse yourself in, so that requires people who not only know how to connect to what’s in the culture and reinvent it and make it our own, but also speak to it through my voice and understand that there’s a world that’s being built that’s bigger than just me,” he explained.

In contrast to “trying to outdo any public perception or even in awards,” Batiste continued, the pressure comes from wanting to “build something that’s even more bespoke, even truer to my artistry that takes everything that I’ve done so far, synthesizes it, and adds to it.”

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