Indianapolis Colts Grant Jonathan Taylor Permission To Seek A Trade


According to league sources who spoke to ESPN’s Adam Schefter on Monday, the Indianapolis Colts have given All-Pro running back Jonathan Taylor authority to request a trade.

According to many sources, the Colts will demand a sizable trade compensation for Taylor. According to the sources, the franchise is searching for a first-round draft pick or a group of picks that add up to one.

Teams are considering what fair value might be in a hypothetical transaction for Taylor, the 2021 NFL rushing champion, even though no offer had been made as of Monday night. Teams that are interested in Taylor must also decide if they are prepared to sign him to the contract extension he is asking.

The parties concerned are attempting to end a three-week deadlock that started on July 25, when Taylor arrived at training camp. Taylor has long sought a long-term contract extension as he enters the last year of his rookie contract.

Taylor worries that if he stays in Indianapolis, he might be given the franchise tag before he enters the open market in the spring because the Colts have not shown any interest in making a deal. Last month, team owner Jim Irsay said to ESPN that Taylor had not received a contract offer from the team. That reportedly became a huge source of annoyance for Taylor.

When Taylor, 24, came to camp, he complained of problems with his surgically repaired right ankle and failed his pre-camp physical, according to sources.

He was then added to the list of people who are physically unable to perform, where he is still. Taylor hasn’t participated in Colt’s practice session since the team put him on injured reserve in December.

Taylor and the Colts have had a deteriorating relationship in the weeks since that time. This includes an ineffective meeting between Irsay and Taylor that took place in the middle of a Colts practice as well as a tweet from Irsay that Taylor’s agent responded to.

Taylor has twice recently left training camp, the first time for outside rehabilitation on his right ankle and the second time for personal reasons.

On the day he reported to camp, Taylor asked for a trade, which Irsay publicly rejected on July 29. However, trade was never seriously discussed behind closed doors at Colts headquarters. Taylor didn’t withdraw his desire for a trade in the hopes that the team would reconsider its mind.

For comparison’s sake, Christian McCaffrey, another outstanding running back, was dealt from the Carolina Panthers to the San Francisco 49ers last year for second, third, and fourth-round picks in 2023 as well as a fifth-round pick in 2024.

Taylor has 3,841 total rushing yards since he joined the league in 2020, a period of three years. His 18 rushing touchdowns that year, along with his league-best 1,811 rushing yards, set a Colts franchise record.