Cleveland Browns Couldn’t Afford To Keep Cade York At Kicker


This season, the Cleveland Browns are fully committed. They were unable to use Cade York as their finishing blow for this reason.

The Browns eventually gave up on York on Monday despite giving him numerous chances to win their trust. Cleveland acquired Dustin Hopkins in a trade for a seventh-round draft choice from the Los Angeles Chargers. The Browns intend to waive York, a source informed ESPN.

Although Hopkins, 32, adds experience and composure to a position that needs them, this decision wasn’t made because of him. Hopkins has converted 224 of his 224 career field goal tries, or 84.8%.

Instead, York’s failure to consistently make kicks was the focus of this move.

Since Phil Dawson’s departure in 2012, the Browns have had difficulty doing just that.

John Dorsey, the former general manager of Cleveland, was desperate to find a solution and selected Austin Seibert in the fifth round of the 2019 draft out of Oklahoma. However, Seibert had trouble getting going in his first training camp and never recovered. The current Browns organization, managed by general manager Andrew Berry, swiftly terminated Seibert after he failed on both of his extra point and field goal attempts in the Baltimore game that served as the season opener in 2020.

Berry made an effort to find a solution. But that too backfired.

With a fourth-round pick from the previous year, Berry selected York, who had one of the most successful kicking careers in LSU history. After York kicked a 58-yard game-winning field goal to end Cleveland’s 17-game losing streak in season openers the previous year, that decision appeared to be a home run.

York’s success, however, turned out to be fleeting. He had one of the poorest field goal conversion rates of any starting kicker in the league, making just 24 of 32 attempts (75%).

The Browns had no doubts that York would recover and grow into the long-term kicker for the team at that time. But during the preseason, skepticism began to surface.

The Browns supported York even after he missed two chances to win the game in Philadelphia on August 17 — he was given a second chance after a penalty.

Stefanski’s attitude drastically changed on Sunday, the day after York wasted yet another chance to win the game in a defeat to the Kansas City Chiefs.

That was a clear indication of Monday’s kicking change.

The Browns have placed all of their chips on winning now, starting with the deal for quarterback Deshaun Watson last year. To win this season, they have committed pricey contracts and huge draft capital.

It must have hurt to give up on a fourth-round pick after only one season from one of the select few draft picks the Browns have recently made and will make in the near future.

It would have stung even more for York to have lost the game for the Browns. There is very little room for error in the AFC, and the AFC North in particular.

The Browns couldn’t afford to start the season with a kicker they didn’t trust. especially during a season when there is so much at stake.