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Video: Police Officer Mistakenly Switches On Body Cam, Records Herself Stealing During A Search In An Apartment


Three police officers have been accused of theft following a regular eviction search, which is an odd turn of events. According to KETK, a Tyler, Texas, landlord phoned the police to help evict a resident. LaQuenda Banks and Derrick Holman, the two deputies assigned to Constable Curtis Harris, arrived at the location.

The search was supposed to be the initial step in handing over the keys, but due to Chief Deputy Banks’ oversight, we now know the police weren’t acting legally that particular day.

Unknowingly recording the three officers as they stole items from the home was Deputy Banks, according to bodycam footage shared on Twitter by @Imposter Edits.

Deputy Banks enters the home’s bathroom at the beginning of the recording.

She searches the area and stuffs things into her shirt as you can see her reflection in the mirror. After saying, “I cut it off,” Banks’ body camera mistakenly starts recording. The police continue to rummage through the goods as they walk about the house.

Banks takes the container containing the fancy sunglasses out and exclaims, “Oh, Raybans.” Then someone can be heard hearing Banks say, “Hold on, don’t come down here.” The owner of the house is later recognized, despite the fact that they are not seen on camera.

While his colleagues continue to search the house, Sergent Holman holds the landlord in another area.

Harris and Banks are taking things out of the closet upstairs.

Banks unzips a shirt pocket and puts four watches inside before Harris brings her a watch display case. Take that s**t, Harris can be heard urging her.

Banks continues to stuff as well.

She tucked an Apple iPod and a case of 22-caliber ammo into her uniform shirt.

The officers quickly start to unzip wallets and purses in the closet and take money out of them. Harris is heard saying, “Some more money,” as Banks hands her a wallet filled with cash.

After the landlord demands to know what the police are doing and suggests consulting a lawyer, the pair exits the bedroom.

Harris and Banks inform the woman they found “cocaine, marijuana and paraphernalia” and that she needs to wait outside while they finish investigating the house in order to justify the extensive search.

Then, as seen on video, Banks, Harris, and Holman leave the house and head back to their police car, where they unload all of their stolen goods.

Additionally, according to KETK, court records show Holman asks, “What you got?” while intently examining Banks’ bodycam. “Some s**t he had me put in my pocket,” Banks responds.

Where’s the money, Banks was questioned by Holman as he unlocked his driver’s side door. Oh, he got that,” Banks retorted, seemingly referring to Harris.

The person who was renting the home reported a theft to Tyler police a week later. The products totaled over $10,000.00 and included Chanel perfume, Airpods, two iPhone 12s, two Macbooks, $3,000 in cash, and other things.

Allegations of official oppression, official misuse of authority, and property theft between $700 and $2,500 were brought against Harris, Banks, and Holman.

The maximum term for the stealing charge, a state jail felony, is two years in prison.

All three of them, according to CBS 19, had their peace officer licenses suspended in December 2021 and are no longer qualified to occupy law enforcement posts.

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