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Video: Watch The New Long-Snake-Necked Turtles Stretch It Out


Many species of turtles go by the common moniker “snake necked turtle,” which was given to them because of their startlingly long necks. Their intricate biological classification is constantly changing as a result of new findings and procedures.

Information about snake-necked turtles
One distinctive characteristic of side necked turtles is the way they retract their long necks by bending them sideways in front of their front legs (Pleurodira). The more common turtles (Cryptodira), in contrast, totally retract their shorter neck and heads into their shells.

Turtles are a common and old species that lived with dinosaurs more than 200 million years ago and are still around now. Currently, the snake-necked turtle can be seen in the wild in areas close to Southeast Asia, Australia, New Guinea, and South America.

In spite of the enthusiasm, you need to remember that keeping them in captivity comes with a lot of personal and professional responsibilities.

Snake-necked turtles can be housed outside in a secure enclosure under the proper weather conditions. Controlled temperatures, pure waters, and plenty of dry locations for them to bask and relax are a few of the necessities in their care.

Diet of Snake-necked Turtles
The majority of snake-necked species love eating in the water and are often carnivorous. Adults only need to eat two or three times per week, whereas hatchlings require daily feeding.

It is best to have a specific area in the indoor or outdoor enclosure set aside for feeding. This will let you to tidy up the food waste and will help them become accustomed to a feeding schedule.

The best option is fresh food, and snake-necked turtles eat a variety of foods like shrimp, fish, worms, and tiny insects. Since it is simple to overfeed your dogs, it is a good idea to keep track of their weight.

Habitat for snake-necked turtles
If there is room, outdoor enclosures should be big in order to mimic their natural habitat. Make certain that there is water and a place for sunbathing that is shielded from the sun.

Protecting your turtle from outside predators is an important place to start when designing and constructing its habitat. If possible, a fence and a cover would be nice. Water replenishing and emptying completely can cause disruptions. It would be preferable to use a dependable water filtration system that continuously cleans water.

In order to provide snake-necked turtles with the best opportunity for survival and healthy development, an indoor setup requires specific UV lighting and ventilation gear. Since these turtles can live for more than 30 years, you should be certain that you can devote yourself to caring for them.

Predators Of The Snake Necked Turtles
In the wild, these turtles are typically eaten by possums, raccoons, other big rodents, and birds.

Threatened Snake T-Rex Turtles
The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species classifies some turtles as vulnerable, including the Parker’s Snake-necked Turtle (Chelodina parkeri) and the Brazilian Snake-necked Turtle (Hydromedusa maximiliani).

Other species on the same list include the Roti Snake-necked Turtle and the Pritchard’s Snake-necked Turtle (Chelodina pritchardi) (Chelodina mccordi).

In their appendices, CITIES (The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) also has a list of threatened snake-necked turtle species.

Snake Neck Turtle Reproduction
Although some snake-necked turtles construct nests in the water itself, most of them burrow into moist soil to lay their eggs. The hatchlings are then left on their own to grow and survive. You’ll need an artificial incubator if you pick up an egg before it has hatched.

The Snake Necked Turtle: An Overview

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