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A Team Fortress 2 Spy Is Being Hidden By Gundam Evolution


Gundam Evolution offers a lot of gameplay experiences inspired by former titles that pioneered the hero shooter genre, but one of the most discussed Mobile Suits available to play in-game bears the likeness of a certain Team Fortress 2 mercenary. Gundam Evolution offered 14 Mobile Suits during its network tests offering fine-tuned gunplay and abilities. However, one suit, in particular, caught the attention, and are in most cases, of many players:

Gundam Barbatos. Although the visual distinction between TF2’s French expert of subterfuge and the star of Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans is clear to see, their gameplay functions share striking similarities.

Gundam Evolution focuses on a team versus team skirmishes with a variety of objectives typically related to control points, much like another well-liked hero shooter, Overwatch. One of two melee-focused Mobile Suits, Gundam Barbatos can instantly disable almost every other Mobile Suit in the game by combining two potent melee stuns, unlike its rival, Gundam Exia.

Many fans were displeased with how the Mobile Suit was able to run up to opponents, instantly destroy them, then, in most cases, run away to recharge health and abilities. These abilities along with Barbatos’ generous boost gauge made it easy for it to close the distance. Later in the network test, a strategy was discovered to lure the Barbatos’ initial stun with a well-timed dash, depriving the melee unit of its instant kill and making it vulnerable to the opposing team.

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