Wordle Players Upset By Yet Another “Nearly Difficult Challenge,” Agape


Many Wordle players have been frustrated by the term “agape,” who were unable to complete Wordle 383 because they were unfamiliar with it.

Pinto, gawky, droll, and brink are just a handful of the Wordle problems that have previously baffled Wordle users in recent weeks. But because fans had trouble with the most recent challenge, it became so challenging that the word started to trend on social media.

The unexpected twist for Wordle task 383 on July 7 was the word “agape.” Angry fans claimed that the puzzle was too challenging because the word was uncommon and unfamiliar.

As many have lost streaks and some have even sworn off the game entirely, fans have also complained that this word has destroyed their hard work.

One Wordle user who found the word “agape” challenging to solve but managed to guess the word on their sixth try stated, “Wordle 383 6/6 agape extremely impossible.”

“Blimey! Not a word that is commonly used. wordle.org 383 4/6, “Another participant, who also figured out the word but had difficulty because most people don’t use it much in their lexicon, agreed.

“Wordle score 383 2/6 I’m not sure how I made this guess. Not a typical word “said a different player who had a strong score that they attributed to bad luck.”

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