Man Caught Redeeming Stolen Lotto Tickets Sentenced To Jail


A Wichita Falls man who previously served time for kidnapping a lady, is returning to prison for selling or attempting to sell stolen lotto tickets. In the past the lady accused him of forcing her to attend to court under threat of being married to him.

The penalties given to 32-year-old Byron Locke range from 15 months to 8 years.

After allegedly starting to redeem many rolls of scratch-off tickets taken from the Quick Stop on Holliday Road, Locke was apprehended January 2019.

The Lottery Commission alerted authorities to a number of sites where the stolen tickets were redeemed or scanned and rejected within hours after the break-in and theft were discovered.

At least one retailer redeemed lotto tickets worth $300.

Using security footage from the Quick Stop and the shop where he redeemed some lotto tickets, police were able to identify Locke.

Police reported that Locke drew a gun, fired three bullets out the window, and then pointed it at the 23-year-old victim while she was driving a car with Locke as a passenger. He sped off in the automobile as she exited and fled.

She claimed that when he subsequently discovered her, he grabbed her by the neck and informed her that they would be getting married at the courtroom. She claimed that after driving her and a witness to the courthouse, he then arrested Locke when they got into a fight in the parking lot.

In relation to drug possession and breaking the gang injunction, Locke is facing two fresh accusations. May 2022 saw the filing of the charges.

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