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Star Wars: ObiWan Kenobi Episode 4 Review


After some blank scenes last week, Star Wars returns to the wildly intriguing sci-fi corridor in ObiWan Kenobi’s “Season 4.” The setting certainly helps add tension to an episode that gets a little emotional in the second half. But overall, Ewan McGregor continues to prove he matters to the galaxy far, far away as his performance hits home turf.

Leia was captured by the Empire and taken to Fortress Inquisitorius, a name that at least one person uttered with a very straight face. To save her, ObiWan and Tala enlist the help of nuns on Jabiim, including an agent named Roken (played by O’Shea Jackson Jr).

Fans hoping to have more ties to the Law of Legends on the planet won’t get it here. Instead, ObiWan only saw a few coins in the base and inside the bacta barrel. While healing, he relives his duel with Darth Vader, for whom the tandem healing bath brings anguish even more effectively when these estranged brothers share the pain. burned alive.

ObiWan and Tala sneak into the fortress using the officer’s pass code. Meanwhile, Reva questions Leia, who resists Third Sister’s attempts at intimidation and flirting. Out of patience, Reva took Leia to the interrogation room for physical torture (and did what we later realized was installing a tracking device on Leia’s droid).

However, before Leia was injured, ObiWan entered the room while Tala made a false confession to distract Reva. The Inquisitor doesn’t buy it, but good people continue to distract her, this time ObiWan grabs the attention of stormtroopers.

ObiWan uses the Force to pull good people out of an underwater tunnel. At the last minute, with our heroes surrounded by the might of the Empire, Jabiim’s crew rushed to save the day, losing one of their pilots in the process.

“Season 4” never quite returns with the powerful combination of story, characters, emotions, and world-building offered by this bacta opening scene. At least it uses tank bacta to much better effect than The Book of Boba Fett. While I’m not particularly interested in rating TV shows (especially two shows of such different lengths), ObiWan Kenobi made his Imperial Base infiltration sequence with a little more skill than Part 2 from The Mandalorian.

And this episode has a lot of confidence. Director Deborah Chow, cinematographer Chunghoon Chung, and the rest of the crew are turning off the episode’s lights (to use a technical term). Every scene where ObiWan lights up his sword creates beautiful neon lights and shimmering points of light.

They know they benefit from using lightsaber in the dark and use it well in this episode, at one point turning ObiWan into a monster in the dark, eliminating them one by one. The water in this episode also looks great, with lots of blue and white. The base itself doesn’t really look like an actual location, but it comes pretty close. Look at this sea creature stuck to the door of the underwater entrance.

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