In A Father’s Day Tribute, Zelensky Hails Fathers Who Support Ukraine


On this third Sunday in June, several countries around the world celebrate Father’s Day.

This year’s holiday season in Ukraine is bittersweet.

Men of fighting age are prohibited from leaving the nation for fear of being drafted into the fight against Russian invasion forces. Many have fled to safety with their families, and many have been killed on the battlefield.

According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his close advisers, 100 to 200 Ukrainian soldiers are killed or injured every day.

Zelensky, who has two children, lauded fathers who “protect” Ukraine in a wartime Father’s Day letter.

Zelensky has a son and a daughter. In an April interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, he spoke affectionately of his teenage daughter and quipped that “I can’t communicate with my daughter without banging on the door.”

He told Tapper that he wished for his children to remember him as “a human guy who lived life to the fullest, loved his family, and loved his motherland — absolutely not a hero.”

Photos of men in Ukraine, some in military fatigues, others clothed as civilians, caring for their families in hospitals and underground shelters, accompanied the Ukrainian president’s message.

Fathers can be seen sending their children away in trains while staying behind in a number of the images.

Officials in Kyiv have appealed to the West for more weaponry and ammunition as they struggle to maintain control over the eastern regions where the most violent combat is taking place.

“We are defending our country for the sake of our children,” a soldier says in an accompanying film, which bears the logo of Ukraine’s State Border Service.

The Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s parliament, tweeted a video of a youngster reconnecting with his father, who is dressed in military fatigues, on Thursday. “We are doing everything we can to ensure that youngsters see their parents return from war,” the caption of the parliament stated.