Deborah Yakubu: Hausa Christians Vows Never To Bow To Intimidation, Killing


The Hausa Christians Foundation (HACFO) in the northern part of Nigeria has vowed not to bow to persecution and killings of faithful Christians in the country.

This is coming following the death of Deborah Yakubu who was lynched for allegedly insulting Prophet Mohammed in her school WhatsApp group.

HAFCO released a statement signed by its president that no amount of intimidation can shake them because they are more than afraid of death.

The full statement reads;

“Death is our servant because we conquered it already. We actually died since we became Christians.

“That’s why we are alive. You can’t kill a dead person. These killers are more afraid of death than anyone else.

“They thought the way they are hopeless and helpless about their death that’s how we are. Our eternity is secured in Jesus!

“We have been crucified with Christ. The life we live now, we live by faith in the Son of God who died for us.

“For us to live is Christ and to die is a great gain! Satan, you’re a liar. We can’t go back, we’re going forward and further with the Gospel of Christ.”

“We are Hausas and we are Christians”