Tinubu Goes Against Buhari, Says Nigerian Youths Are Not Lazy, Electricity Failure Hinder Development


Reports have it that the national leader of the All Progressive Congress and 2023 presidential aspirant, Bola Ahmed Tinubu has backed the youth as he stated that they cannot be tagged as being “lazy”.

According to the presidential aspirant, no country in the world will develop rapidly without adequate electricity supply which he believes helps to create more opportunities for the youths and the country as a whole.

In Tinubu’s words, he said;

 “We cannot continue with excuses on NEPA failure. No! No nation can make rapid development without electricity.

“Give us that, and if we cannot be successful, you can abuse us. You cannot give us erratic electricity that is undependable and then blame us again that we are lazy. No!

“Nigeria — it is about time. We have enough gas to fire up our electricity. We can supply the rest of Europe with gas, and we can make money from it.”