Police Nab Man Who Burnt Wife, Brother-In-Law Alive, Blames Action On The Devil


Reports have it that the man who poured petrol on his wife and her brother and locked them up in a room as they burned to death has been arrested.

The man identified as Ogudoro Benjamin was arrested by the Nigerian police after he tried to escape following the death of his wife, Chinyere, and his brother-in-law, Ifeanyi Edoziem.

The accused culprit who begged and accused the devil of using him is presently withheld in the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) located in the Yaba area of Lagos state.

It was also accounted that the deceased brother, Ifeanyi who escaped the fire, revealed that the sister’s husband poured petrol on them because he returned home one night and he met the door locked and out of annoyance he (Benjamin) overreacted.

In his full words, he said;

“We were already asleep when my sister’s husband came in late, banging on the door. He accused me of locking him outside. I told him I didn’t bolt the door, that I only used the key lock and that he could have opened it since he had his keys with him.

“He kept shouting that I locked him out. He insulted me and my sister. But we kept quiet. He left the room, only to return when we had fallen asleep. He poured petrol on us, lit a match and went out.

“We were burning. I managed to escape but couldn’t save my sister. I am fortunate enough to survive”.