Germany Warns About Supplying Ammunition To Ukraine, Says It Would Lead To World War


German politician and chancellor, Olaf Scholz has warned about military catastrophe with the Russian government saying it would lead to world war.

Olaf made this known during a meeting with a German magazine company identified as Spiegel.

The chancellor disclosed that a difficult situation like this requires “a cool head and well-considered decision” in other to avoid a third nuclear world war as his government is trying to make it possible to prevent a conflict between the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and Russian forces.

In Olaf’s words, he said;

“In this situation you need a cool head and well-considered decisions, because our country bears responsibility for peace and security throughout Europe” the German chancellor told Spiegel magazine.

“I said very early on that we must do everything possible to avoid a direct military confrontation between Nato and a highly armed superpower like Russia, a nuclear power. 

“I am doing everything to prevent an escalation leading to a third world war. There must be no nuclear war.”

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