During The First-Pitch Ceremony In Cleveland, Tom Hanks’ Reunion With ‘Cast Away’ Co-Star Wilson Goes Awry

hanks and wilson

Wilson, Tom Hanks’ Cast Away co-star, was reunited with Tom Hanks in Cleveland, but it was evident that Wilson still has his own mind!

The Oscar winner takes the mound for the Cleveland Guardians’ home opener against the San Francisco Giants on Friday night at Progressive Field. Wilson was present for the celebrations, and the 65-year-old actor got the distinction of throwing out the ceremonial first pitch.

Hanks carried the remote-controlled Wilson to the mound and lifted him far into the air, revealing the blood-splattered volleyball’s face as well as the Guardians’ emblem.

Wilson, on the other hand, rolled off the mound as Hanks laid him down on the mound and prepared to throw the first pitch.

After stating that it was a windy day in Cleveland, the announcers didn’t pay much attention at first. Hanks rescued Wilson and replaced the ball on the mound, but Wilson rolled down once again! Wilson, on the other hand, rolled to the infield and curled over to the mound’s front. That’s when everyone realized the game was over. Wilson has a remote control!

Larry Doby Jr., the son of the late Larry Doby, was the second player to break baseball’s color barrier (after Jackie Robinson) and the first Black player in the American League when Hanks threw out the ceremonial first pitch.

Hanks, a lifelong Cleveland baseball fan, played Chuck Noland, an executive who was supposed to go to Malaysia but ended up stuck on an uninhabited island after his cargo plane was caught in a storm.