Former Napoli Star Expresses Concern Over Oshimhen’s Lack Of Goals Against Big Clubs

Victor Oshimhen

Osimhen has 9 Serie A goals this season for Napoli, although none of these goals have come against the big teams.

Furthermore, the 23-year-old has yet to score at Diego Maradona stadium since October.

With Napoli hosting Udinese this weekend, a former Napoli striker discussed who should lead the attack between Mertens and Osimhen.

“Logically the idea is to start again with Osimhen, but there is the question of Mertens and the club has to make some choices.

“However, I would take another point of value, which is the number of goals they have scored at home and when it matters most.”

“They must have at least a pair of 20 -forwards 10 goals each.” He said that on Radio Marte during the ‘Marte Sport Live’ broadcast.

Schwoch was particularly concerned about Osimhen’s lack of goals at home and against strong opponents.

When some teams visit Naples, they are given extremely limited room and it is impossible to find outlets. Napoli, on the other hand, had a lot of outsiders last year who scored a lot of goals, but this year they are few. Osimhen has never scored against the big names, and he has difficulty in games of particular level He hasn’t scored at home since October, and this could be exacerbating the problem.

He admits that Osimhen and Mertens can play together, but believes Mertens is a better pick against defensively strong opponents than Osimhen.