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Biden Approves More Anti-Aircraft Systems, Drones For Ukraine Defence

Biden Approves More Anti-Aircraft Systems, Drones For Ukraine
Joe Biden, President of United States of America

President Biden approved an additional $800 million in military aid for Ukraine on Wednesday, saying the US is “responding” to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s request for greater assistance, but warning of a “long and brutal battle” against Russia ahead.

The additional funding of $800 million comes on top of the $200 million disclosed on Saturday.

The new package includes 800 Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, 2,000 Javelins, 1,000 light anti-armor weapons, and 6,000 AT-4 anti-armor missiles; 100 unmanned drones; 100 grenade launchers, 5,000 rifles, 1,000 pistols, 400 machine guns, and 400 shotguns; more than 20 million rounds of small arms ammunition, grenade launcher and mortar rounds; 25,000 sets of body armor; and 25,000 helmets.

According to Biden, the materiel will be delivered straight from the Department of Defense to the Ukrainian military.

“I appreciate Congress’s decision to appropriate these money. On its alone, this new package will provide Ukraine with unparalleled support “Biden stated the following.

Biden emphasized that weapons are being shipped to Ukraine from US partners, and pledged that “more will be coming as we source more stocks of equipment that we’re ready to send.”

“This might be a long and painful battle,” Biden cautioned, but added that “the American people are standing with the people of Ukraine in the face of Putin’s immoral, unethical attacks on civilian populations.”

“Putin’s wicked onslaught has united us in our hatred. We’ll continue to support them as they battle for their freedom, democracy, and very survival “declared the president. “We’re going to give Ukraine the weapons it needs to fight and protect itself in the next days.”

Hi den also stated that the US will “continue to organize humanitarian resources to support individuals within Ukraine and those who have been forced to escape Ukraine,” noting that the US has donated $300 million in humanitarian aid to people in Ukraine and neighboring countries in just the last few weeks.

The president promised that the US would “keep up the pressure on Putin’s disintegrating economy, isolating him on the global stage” in conjunction with friends and partners.

“That is our objective,” Biden stated. “Make Putin pay the price, weakening his position while increasing the Ukrainians’ hand on the battlefield, at the negotiating table, and in collaboration with our allies and partners.”

Biden continued, ” “We’re going to stick to our guns. We’ll do everything we can to bring this awful, pointless war to a close.”

The fight, according to Biden, is a “struggle between an autocrat’s appetites and humanity’s desire to be free.”

“Let there be no doubt, no hesitation, no question,” Biden stated. “We’ve always done so. We shall always do so.”

After Zelenskyy begged with the US to “do more” by instituting a no-fly zone, giving additional aircraft and air defense systems, and forming a new security alliance, Biden delivered his speech.

The White House has stated that establishing a no-fly zone would be “escalatory” and “might lead to a war with Russia.”

Ukraine is not a NATO member, hence it is not covered by NATO’s Article V provision, which states that if one of its members is attacked, all other NATO members must respond.

On Monday, Estonia’s parliament demanded that member nations of the United Nations “take immediate steps to establish a no-fly zone” over Ukraine to avert future civilian casualties as the war continues.

If a no-fly zone is “too much to ask,” Zelenskyy suggests using “powerful, strong” air systems to “defend our people, our freedom, and our country.”

“You know they exist and you have them,” Zelenskyy explained, “but they are on Earth.” “They do not defend our people in Ukraine, not in the Ukrainian sky.”

President Biden received a personal communication from Zelenskyy.

“I’m speaking to Vice President Joe Biden,” Zelenskyy explained. “I wish you, as the leader of your country, to be the leader of the world.”

“To be the leader of the world means to be the leader of peace,” he continued.

Next week, Biden will attend a NATO meeting in Brussels, Belgium, to “address continued deterrence and defense actions in response to Russia’s unprovoked and illegal attack on Ukraine, as well as reaffirm our unbreakable commitment to our NATO partners.”

Biden will also attend a European Council summit to discuss “shared concerns about Ukraine, including transatlantic efforts to impose economic costs on Russia, provide humanitarian aid to those affected by the violence, and address other challenges related to the conflict,” according to a press release.

“To meet in person, face to face, with his European counterparts and talk about and assess where we are at this point in the conflict,” Biden’s “goal,” according to the White House, is “to meet in person, face to face, with his European counterparts and talk about and assess where we are at this point in the conflict.”

“The president is a firm believer in face-to-face diplomacy,” Psaki said, adding that the summit will provide “an opportunity to do just that.”

Psaki said the White House is “still planning the travel at this point in time” and that Biden will meet with Zelenskyy during his trip to Europe.

“Right now, the main focus is on meeting with NATO partners in Brussels,” Psaki added. “If there are any additional processes, we’ll make sure you’re all aware of them.”

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