Outrage Over Boris Johnson’s Letter To A Little Girl

The letter Boris Johnson wrote to a little girl during her birthday in March of 2020 has sparked outrage in the country, with many calling him a hypocrite and condemning his actions.


In the letter, Boris says: “Dear Josephine, Happy Birthday! I am glad to hear you are staying at home, though I am sorry to hear about your party!

“We have all got to do our bit to protect the NHS and save lives, and that is exactly what you are doing, so well done! You are setting a great example.

“We are working around the clock to keep people safe, and if we work together, we can send coronavirus packing.”

In a tweet, Boris added: “Josephine sets a great example to us all by postponing her birthday party until we have sent coronavirus packing.

“Together we can beat this. In the meantime let’s all wish her happy birthday (twice) whilst washing our hands.”

And people are now fuming with the letter, with one tweeting: “Yet another party Work/Birthday/Leaving do and the list goes on.”

While another said: “I lost my daughter on the 12th of May 2020, she was 39 her funeral was on the 8th of June, we were allowed 10 people, no wake to celebrate her life, none of her friends and most of our family were allowed to come. I will never forgive this government.”